Angie's List

Alfredo Espinoza
John came to my house exactly on time to give me a free estimate. He was very informative and he brought a variety of samples. I will certainly use his company for the rest of the house when the budget permits.

Susan Meyer
He spent a lot of time with me talking about the product they use, how it works, how its applied how you maintain it.

Kim Mcintosh
They were very professional and we were able to schedule an appointment quickly for a quote. John was very helpful and informative. He gave me good recommendations for which windows would be good candidates for window tinting and which product would be the best. Within 4 days, John returned with another employee to install the window tinting. They got stuck in traffic, but called me to let me know they might be a few minutes late. They did a great job, kept everything clean. They were able to reach the windows on the stairwell - these are tricky to reach. I would certainly recommend them. Very professional, nice, efficient and a great value.

Anne Esquivel
John and Alfredo tinted the majority of house our since most of the windows are western facing. We had another company do some of the windows (about half of what Invision tinted, but cost the same!). They did twice as much work as another company in half the time, were polite, professional and did a great job. The edges were much cleaner than what the other company had done.

Verner Eglit
Since we have a lot of art in the house we need to have tinting installed on our windows. John came to the house to give me an estimate for which windows needed the film and which did not. He put up several samples on the windows to show me how they might look over a period of several days. I chose the more expensive film because it seemed to be the best in blocking UV rays and keeping out the heat with the least amount of light blockage. He gave me a date for installation and did the work accordingly and for the price quoted.

Congressional Glass

Dear John,

Thank you so much for your quick and professional response to our request for the tinting at the NFCU San Antonio last week. I was a little nervous not knowing any tinters in San Antonio, but I was quickly reassured when I began speaking with you. Besides being extremely knowledgeable on window tint, you were client focused which was refreshing.

In short, I called you Monday morning. You were on site Monday afternoon, and you had the project successfully completed by Wednesday evening. Impressive. My client was very happy which in turns makes us very happy.

I also appreciate your professional, direct, and honest demeanor. It was a pleasure working with you. We look forward to calling you on the next one. Thanks again John and best wishes.


Richard D. Buckingham
Congressional Glass

Service Magic

Customer Name: Tracy Holly

Would you recommend InVision Window Tinting to a friend or colleague? Yes

Describe Your Experience with InVision Window Tinting:

They did an excellent job. Very courteous and professional. If I decide to tint remainder of windows, I will get them to do the job.


To Whom It May Concern:

The following letter of recommendation is submitted in behalf of John O'Brien of InVision Window Tinting, for the superb job he did at the Tower of the America’s. After extensive research we concluded that Huper Optik Nano technology window film had the best heat rejection and the minimum back shine best suited for the restaurant windows atop of the Tower. John's technicians were able to work with the high and precarious slanted windows overlooking San Antonio. One contractor that we tried before John failed to produce a finished product that was acceptable to our client. We were inclined to let him go and to seek out the best in order to please our high standards customer. InVision not only did a flawless job, but met the difficult schedule required. We are always looking for level five service companies like InVision to partner with. We have found that these produce excellence because they are motivated from within to put honor before production.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.

Keith Witt

Winco of South Texas

"They did an excellent job. Very courteous and professional." Tracy Holly....
Extremely knowledgeable on window tint and client focused R.D. Buckingham....
"InVision not only did a flawless job, but met the difficult schedule required." Keith Witt....
"He gave me a date for installation and did the work accordingly and for the price quoted." Verner Eglit....